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1st Flick shows 10848 nude teen amateur softcore videos, submitted by our members and guests. Download or stream our videos of Teen Webcam, Teen Bedroom, Teen Downblouse, Caught Naked, Public Flashing, Hidden Camera, Upskirt and more!

We always take great care to choose only the best videos of nude teen girls submitted to us during the week. Every video in 1st Flick has nudity (with the exception of upskirts of course) and every video shows the girl's face. Attractive teen videos take priority over all others. You will not see this level of quality control used anywhere else!

1st Flick is updated with 12 new videos every Monday. Submit your nude teen videos to win membership and cash!

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August 14: 12 bonus Softcore videos added to 2nd Flick
August 16: 20 hardcore videos added to HushX Flicks

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  • Monday, Aug 13 - Added page 872 with 12 new movies
  • Monday, Aug 6 - Added page 871 with 12 new movies

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1st Flick Submit Guide

Submit your best amateur videos for a chance to win Hush-Hush membership and cash.

Submit Rewards

MEMBERSHIP: Submitters receive 15 days membership for each video we post in 1st Flick.
CASH: Each month, 5 lucky 1st Flick submitters win cash prizes in the Submit For Cash competition.

Useful Information

· Winners are notified by email 7 days after the video is posted in 1st Flick.
· Submitters are not notified if their video is rejected.
· All rejected submissions are delted after 90 days.
· Videos submitted to 1st Flick are not posted anywhere other than 1st Flick or 2nd Flick, except for x-rated videos which are forwarded to HushX Flicks.

Submit Requirements

The submit requirements for 1st Flick differ from those of other galleries. Please read and understand the requirements below before submitting your videos.

· fresh and good quality amateur softcore videos.
· all x-rated content to be submitted to HushX Flicks.

· 5 files maximum per email.
· archives and split archives in single or multiple emails.

· minors or other illegal content.
· videos which are copyrighted or have website overlays.
· videos which exceed 200MB total.

Video too large for your free email provider?

No problem, just chop your video to smaller bits!
Free email providers often have a sending limit of about 25MB per email these days, so we reccommend splitting the video into multiple 20MB size parts and sending each part in a separate email. Our system is clever and can put your video back together for you.

How to use WinRAR to split your video files:
Download and install WINRAR
1) In Explorer, right-click your video and choose 'Add to archive...'.
     Tip: Don't have this option? Open WinRAR, go to Options>Setings>Integration, enable 'Integrate WinRAR into shell'.
2) In the WinRAR window, look for 'Split to volumes' and enter '20 mb' (without the ' symbols).
3) Click OK. Your files will now be split into multiple parts of approximately 20.5MB.
     Note: The total size of all split files will be much less than your original video - this is normal.
4) Attach the first part to a new email.
     Note: The subject of the email should be something like Hot webcam girl 1 of 3 so we know which part it is and how many parts there should be.
5) Send email and repeat until all parts are sent.

Good luck!!